Maulua Gulch

maulua gulch

Maulua Gulch is one of the best routes on the Hamakua Coast, tied for first with Kapili Creek.  The waterfalls that you gain access to in Maulua Gulch are world class.  The rappels are very exciting and features two big drops; 165 feet and 180 feet.  This is one of the few canyons that enters a deep, narrow slot canyon cutting into the basalt.  As well, access is easy and also features an approach route thru the rain forest that is an adventure in itself.  After a previous failed attempt, we finally gained access to the creek bottom and claimed an exciting first descent of a pristine environment.  Of the 10 drops in the canyon, all but one utilize natural anchors, lets try to keep it that way.  If you do not feel comfortable using natural anchors please do not attempt this route.  There are several points in this canyon which will completely humble you and increase your respect for the natural world by several notches.  I will give limited information on the canyon in a hope to leave intact some of the surprises and excitement the canyon contains.  That being said, this route is definitely one for advanced adventurers, and even then will take you the better part of 12 hours to complete with a fast and efficient group.  The creek drops over 1,200 feet in 3/4 mile.

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